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Home Show Reviews Sofia - 29 January 2008

Sofia - 29 January 2008 PDF Print E-mail

Dinner Show

Review by Rover

Hotel Expo, Sofia, Bulgaria.
On the 29th of January 2008, part of The TCB Band Tour with Dennis Jale was a private dinner show taking place in The Palms Casino located at The Hotel Expo, Sofia, Bulgaria. The venue itself was carefully set for the scene later that evening for a select group of about 60
Rehearsing for the Dinner Show
people. Rehearsals for the show had taken place earlier that day, with sound and lighting technicians, staff and guests enjoying every minute of it all as they leant against the one-armed bandits at the back of the casino giving it the appearance of a mini 'Vegas'. At one point, a member of staff played a machine behind one of the many potted 'palm trees' scattered around the place and scored a triple. Instead of getting the normal three cherries, we had
Dinner Show. Jerry and James.
three Hawaiian girls dancing, much to my amusement, to the beat of The TCB Band rehearsing Promised Land! In the intimately lit alcoves, tables were set with drinks and hors d' oeuvres for those involved with the preparations, with an array of sculptured jazz musicians located in the walls looking as if they were about to  come to life and join in with
Hard working Ron Tutt.
the rehearsals. Come evening time, how the place had transformed from only hours earlier when the sound check and rehearsals took place. Here we had tables positioned in front of the newly assembled stage which was waiting to be occupied by The TCB Band and the rest of the cast.  Limited space meant the entire stage was  practically
Glen D Hardin.
occupied with Ron Tutts drums, Glen D's keyboards, two stools with guitars leaning against them waiting for their prospective players James and Jerry and Manfred Chromy's upright bass sprawled across the front of the stage. The best part of all of this was that the front tables were so close to the stage you could reach out and touch it. We were fortunate enough to have one of those tables and the last time we experienced anything  like this was in November 2006 at the House Party held at Duns Castle, Scotland,
Manfred Chromy.
where The TCB Band performed for fifty people. The show kicked off after dinner at about 9pm, with the recorded Sprach Zarathustra theme from 2001 'A Space Odyssey'. As soon as the first solitary note filled the room, the audience went from chatting amongst each other, into immediate applause and cheers. There may have only been a small number of people at this show in comparison to the main venues but here we had a confirmed example of size not really mattering!. Mark my words, the electricity in that room from that first note, was something else. As the 'strains' continued it lead in to Ron Tutt's powerful drum intro
Dennis Jale.
eventually leading The TCB Band, The Sweet Inspirations and The Jam Gang in to C.C. Rider, bringing the immaculately presented Dennis Jale onto the stage adding his vocals. Immediately after came I Got A Woman, You Gave Me A Mountain and Blue Suede Shoes. Things were then brought to a quieter level with Are You Lonesome Tonight and Love Me Tender. The TCB Band and cast kept their audience captivated for over an hour before finishing off with Suspicious Minds, Burning Love and Can't Help Falling In Love. Looking around you could see every guest at their tables in all of their finery busting with excitement and the promoters with the same excitement and a hint of anticipation as to how this bit of Elvis history was going to work tonight. What started off with fingers and hands tapping on the tables, soon ended up with ties being loosened and top shirt buttons being undone. Numerous pairs of high heels were being left under the tables by the majority of people who danced where a space could be found on the floor to dance in. This was indeed a truly magical evening and the atmosphere was buzzing. Up close and personal in the company of The TCB Band along with The Sweet Inspirations, Dennis Jale , The Jam Gang , The Jam Gang Gospel singers and Manfred Chromy. There is a lot to be said about special times like these and you tend never to forget them.

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